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Pizza Oven Repair and Service

Ark Commercial Kitchen and Refrigeration is a Professional Commercial Pizza Oven Repair Company for the Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston Texas areas. We promise to keep you rolling in the dough and making pizzas 24/7.

  • We are the premier leader in all aspects of Commercial kitchen appliance repair and service.
  • From the most complicated of issues, to a simple machine cleaning, we have you covered!
  • Commercial Pizza oven repair, and pizza appliance service is just one of the things we do best!
  • We repair all commercial electric or gas pizza ovens, and have years of experience with pizza maker repair on all major brands.
  • Dallas Fort Worth can depend  on “the” pizza oven repair service professionals.

If you have a pizza oven issue, call Ark Kitchen and Refrigeration today. We have not found a pizza oven we could not service or repair. WAIT NO LONGER, CALL TODAY.

                                     Typical Problems You May Have:

 oven wont stay litPilot Light Wont Stay Lit?

A Pilot Light not staying lit is a very common issue for commercial pizza ovens. SOUNDS SIMPLE, but may be a complex problem requiring experts with experience like Ark to diagnose.

  • Is it the thermocouple? (a temperature measuring device using voltage)
  • Is it the units flame sensor device?  (safety measuring device that tells the control board to allow the flame to stay lit)
  • Is there a return air unit close to the oven  (gas ovens)? Believe it or not you can starve a natural gas system of the correct air mixture, therefore causing all sorts of problems. This will typically show up in the hottest times of the year and days.

Don’t waste your time replacing parts when you can call Ark to diagnose the problem, and get your pizza oven up and running fast.

pizza oven thermometer repairPizza Oven Won’t  Make Correct Temps?

A very common problem with commercial pizza ovens  is it will not make or keep temperatures.

  • Is the problem the thermostat?
  • Does the thermostat need to be calibrated?
  • How many degrees off is the oven?
  • Is the thermostat at least ½ inch from the oven wall?

These are important questions that our expert  technicians can answer, then find a  remedy for the problem. Call Ark Commercial Kitchen and Refrigeration for all your Kitchen and Refrigeration needs.

no more pizza oven repair problems You Have No Pizza Oven Problems Any Longer!

Regardless of the problem you are having with your pizza oven, you can rest assured Ark has encountered the same problem, and had a solution.

The size of the problem, or the size of the pizza oven, does not matter. Call the experts! Call the best!


We Work On All Brands, Makes and Models

Lincolnn Pizza Oven                       lang pizza oven                                Garland Pizza Oven                cecilware pizza oven repair

Lincoln Pizza Ovens                          Lang Pizza Ovens                                   Garland Pizza Ovens                  CecilWare Pizza Ovens

Nu Vu pizza ovens                      Blodgett pizza oven                                Montaque pizza oven                        Turbochef pizza oven service

Nu-Vu Pizza Ovens                             Blodgett Pizza Ovens                              Montaque Pizza                   Turbo Chef Pizza Ovens

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Blue Seal Pizza Ovens                           Peerless Pizza Ovens                         Attias Pizza Ovens                       DeLuxe Pizza Ovens

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Doyon Pizza Ovens                             Marsal Pizza Ovens                          Morfetti Pizza Ovens                        Wood Stone Pizza Ovens

picard pizza oven repair                       Doyon Pizza Oven logo                    LC Bakery Pizza                  imperial Pizza deck oven repair

Picard Pizza Ovens                                 Doyon Pizza Ovens                           LC Bakery Pizza Ovens               Imperial Pizza Ovens

nemco Pizza                           Bakers Pride                              Middleby Marshall                      Star Pizza Oven

Nemco Pizza Ovens                          Bakers Pride Pizza Ovens                    Middleby Marshall Pizza Ovens                   Star Pizza Ovens

Vollrath Pizza Oven                             Wood Stone Pizza                            Wisco Pizza                         CTX Pizza Oven repair

Vollrath Pizza Ovens                           Wood Stone Pizza Ovens                          Wisco Pizza Ovens                       CTX Pizza Ovens