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ark employee making exhaust repairCommercial exhaust fan repair and service has been one of the many services we can provide your restaurant, cafeteria or food service facility. Have you been hearing a strange noise when you turn on your vent hood? Clatter or banging noise? Little to no suction? Typically, when a vent hood and or a exhaust fan repair  is needed you will hear a noise or there will be little to no suction accruing. This is typically noted when all the fumes or smoke is not leaving the protected cooking area. This is not only a nuisance for your staff and patrons, it is also a health code violation that could lead to some hefty fines if not remedied promptly.



ark exhaust vent hood repairsYou see,  all vent hoods have a exhaust fan unit, which is typically located outdoors or in a designated area, in which the fumes and smoke can be expelled  from your cooking area and release them into the atmosphere or other acceptable areas deemed responsible (please check all building codes).  When said symptoms show their ugly head, you can call Ark and ask about our commercial exhaust fan repair services and we can dispatch a trained, qualified technician to your facility. Typically, same day service!  And of course, we stock many of the different belts and various components required to fix it right the first time so you can get back to cooking and creating your product sooner. 



Preventive Maintenance

Did you know that vent hoods require preventive maintenance? Vent hoods are the most overlooked item in a commercial kitchen to be inspected even though it is the most used piece of equipment that has continual use! It is recommended than exhaust fans with bearings be greased every 3 months to ensure proper operation. Below is a small list of the items we will check when performing a preventive maintenance on your vent/exhaust hood:

Inspect unit for noise and any vibration and make sure unit is in good working order.

When present, inspect belts for proper tension and wear and replace if needed.

Inspect fan and motor assemble for proper alignment.

Lubricate, if necessary.

Clean entire unit, motor and fan assembly.

Check load amps. 

Inspect fan blades and moving parts for excessive wear.

Inspect all wiring for deterioration.

Check of all electrical connections.

Inspect electrical contact surfaces.


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